2013 Advertising Information

Sent to Every County Department Head! 

Circulation for The Iowa County totals around 2,500 and the magazine runs 20-24 pages. The magazine is mailed to every county department head.

ISAC affiliates that receive the magazine in each of the 99 counties:
• Assessors
• Attorneys
• Auditors
• Conservation Directors
• Community Services Directors
• Emergency Management Directors
• Engineers
• Environmental Health Specialists
• Information Technology Directors
• Public Health Officials
• Recorders
• Sheriffs and Deputies
• Supervisors
• Treasurers
• Zoning Officials

In addition to this list, the magazine is mailed to: private subscribers, associate members, legislators, alumni, federal and state government officials, media, libraries, other interested individuals and organizations.

Advertising Fees

*ISAC Preferred Vendors receive free advertising!
*All pricing is on a per month basis.

Full Page – 7″ wide x 9 1/2″ tall

1/2 Page – 7″ wide x 4 5/8″ tall

1/3 Page – 7″ wide x 3 1/16″ tall

1/4 Page – 7″ wide x 2 1/4″ tall

1/6 Page – 3 7/16″ wide x 3 1/16″ tall

Business Card – 3 1/2″ wide x 2″ tall

Special Placement: $100
(Note: First come, first served. A 4-color full page ad is required.)

$250 4-color process


It is important to have all of your advertising information to ISAC by the deadlines list below. ISAC needs approximately one month to create the magazine. This includes placement of articles, placement of ads, proofing, printing, mailing, etc. ISAC appreciates your help in keeping the magazine on schedule.

Magazine Issue – Deadline
2012 Deadlines

January – December 7, 2012
February – January 4, 2013
March – February 1, 2013
April – March 1, 2013
May – April 5, 2013
June – May 3, 2013
July – June 7, 2013
August – July 5, 2013
September – August 2, 2013
October – September 6, 2013
November – October 4, 2013
December – November 1, 2013

Issues are mailed on the last week of the month (for example: last week of March for April issue).

Advertising Guidelines

Preferred Programs: Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Design, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Xpress. We accept most popular programs including MS Word, MS Publisher, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Coreldraw. Please send your ad in the original file it was created in, not a PDF file.

Font Information: Mac- send in all printer and screen fonts. Windows- send in all uncommon fonts.

Color Information: When assigning a color to art or text, please use a Pantone Matching System color. This will work for both process and spot colors.

File Information: You must include ALL graphics, including TIFF’s, JPEG’s, EPS, and BMP files. We need a copy of every file used in creating the document! Always keep a copy of your files.

Submitting Files: We can accept compressed files, ZIP disks (100MB & 250MB), JAZ disks (1GB & 2GB), CD’s, as well as emails. When emailing please use the following addresses: jpmorgan@vivid-dsm.com and rbicego@old.iowacounties.org. Please call Joyce Morgan at Vivid Impressions (515.225.2025) before you send artwork to the above email addresses. We cannot guarantee a quality product when ads are not submitted electronically.

Note: Following these guidelines does not guarantee that we will be able to output your files.

For further questions contact Rachel E. Bicego at 515.244.7181 or rbicego@old.iowacounties.org.