ISAC Group Health Program

The Iowa State Association of Counties has partnered with Group Benefit Partners to bring you a health insurance program that can fit your needs.  Whether you are looking for a self-funded option, a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), or a health plan with a partial self-funded piece, we are here to help.

Group Benefit Partners  is a licensed independent broker located in West Des Moines, Iowa specializing in employee benefits consulting.  They can assist your county in designing an economical and comprehensive health plan for your employees.  They are licensed to quote stand-alone options with health insurance carriers across the state, and is the only broker authorized to quote the ISAC Group Health Program.

The ISAC Group Health Program is a self-funded pool consisting of 24 counties in the program and covers roughly 5,300 individuals.  The pool has many different plan designs which allows the flexibility for your county when it comes to health insurance options and costs.  The pool offers wellness discounts based on participation and experience discounts based on medical history.

The pool also offers additional benefits paid by the pool; such as:

Competitive health insurance premiums

Comprehensive benefit plans tailored for partial self-funding

Leveraged resources pooled with participating counties

Exclusive Wellness Program including discounted premiums and employee incentives

Claims experience premium discounts

Avoidance of fully-insured ACA taxation and fully-insured premium sales tax

Benefits of being self-funded without the exposure liability

Expedited release of renewal rates

Competitive Wellmark administration fees

Independent access to all health insurance markets and health plan funding arrangements in Iowa: both inside the ISAC Group Health Program and outside the pool

* Comprehensive Benefit Enrollment Platform

* $35,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit

* An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides a variety of counseling, consultations, resources, and coaching benefits

* Online on-demand resource library for complex legislative, human resources, audit, law, wellness, ACA, Federal and State compliance regulatory issues

Financial security of ISAC

Complementary employee benefits consulting and brokerage services through Group Benefit Partners

Independent access to all health insurance markets and health plan funding arrangements: both inside the ISAC Group Health Program or stand-alone outside the program

**Assistance with plan design is provided by Group Benefit Partners and if you are insured through the Iowa State Association of Counties Group Health Program, the broker fees are paid by the program.