Justice Involved Services Summit

Justice Involved Services Summit
Friday, August 27
9:00 am – 2:30 pm

Reframing Public Safety: Contextualizing mental health jail diversion processes 

Historically, the burden of the mental health crisis in America has fallen upon county governments. Counties all too often struggle with managing one of the most complex populations: people with untreated serious mental illness. Without resources or guidance, the criminal justice system becomes the primary mechanism for addressing this social issue. Using the criminal justice system to address mental illness is often expensive, ineffective, and may even exacerbate the problem when done inappropriately. Fortunately, innovative evidence-based practices exist and can easily be implemented. Bexar County, Texas is the national model for developing and utilizing these innovations. SolutionPoint+, a mental health training and consulting firm based out of San Antonio, was integral to the development of the Bexar County system. Using a three-part program they shift perspectives by demonstrating and explaining the Sequential Intercept Model. Part I, a keynote address from the nationally celebrated, documentary personality, and TEDx speaker, Joe Smarro. Part II, a seminar on the Sequential Intercept Model, and Part III, a screening of the Emmy Award-winning HBO documentary Ernie and Joe: Crisis Cops.

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