In July 2016 the ISAC began management of the Iowa County Attorney’s Case Management Project (ICACMP). Currently 55 counties and the attorney general’s office participate in the project and on average five new counties are added each year. The mission of the project is to improve the efficiency of the prosecutor’s office in Iowa. This is accomplished through a variety of avenues.


Prolaw is a legal case management software that provides customizable document templates, contact management, integration with Microsoft Office and Adobe, and much more! In addition to this functionality, the software has been customized to meet the needs of Iowa’s criminal justice processes. One of the most impressive features of this software is shared file access for all users at any time. Allowing all users access to cases is essential when managing the large and varied caseloads that the majority of County Attorneys have as well as collection of court debt. Another important feature is the potential for offices to go completely paperless. Going paperless has some powerful cost savings attached to it particularly with regard to office and storage space.


PROSECUTORbyKARPEL (PbK) is a cloud-based case management system that utilizes an easy to use graphical user interface. This program allows you to work 24/7 anywhere in the world that you have internet access. PbK is built with the latest Microsoft and SQL technologies that allow you to streamline your daily workload by creating documents, docketing court dates, keeping track of contacts and integrating with your calendar. PbK comes with more than 200 predefined reports that are categorized by function such as Attorney, Court schedule, Grand Jury, Sentencing, Statistics, Financial, Victim Services, VOCA Grant, Attorney case load and Evidence Tracking. Additional customized reports can be built to accommodate any office’s needs. One of the greatest time and cost saving aspects to PbK is the E-Discovery feature which allows you to send all discovery seamlessly in a zip file by email to defense counsel directly out of PbK. The software also offers the Law Enforcement Portal which allows law enforcement agencies to submit reports, photographs, audio files, video files, etc. directly into the case without leaving their office and allows prosecuting attorney office staff to email officers directly out of PbK asking them to submit items into specific cases. This software has been customized to meet the needs of the Iowa criminal justice process and includes all charge codes and jury instructions.

Counties that join the Iowa County Attorney’s Case Management Project with either Prolaw or PROSECUTORbyKARPEL receive discounted pricing for the software and intensive support that includes:

Data Exchanges

ICACMP has been instrumental in developing and prioritizing data exchanges with the various criminal justice components across the state. The fees paid by the member counties defrays the cost of implementing data exchanges because of the consistency of the database among the member counties, and have been crucial to decreasing data entry by County Attorney staff. These exchanges also increase efficiency and accuracy as they are in real time in most cases.

Charging Table

The project is also responsible for the management of a charging table that contains statutes and wording for all Iowa criminal code statutes. This is a large undertaking as the table is updated each time a statute has been redacted or enacted to ensure that members have the most up to date and accurate charging language within Prolaw. In addition, many other criminal justice agencies and data exchanges utilize this table to exchange charge data in a consistent manner across all systems.

For ICACMP support or inquiries about the program please contact icacmpsupport@old.iowacounties.org  at 515-244-7181.