ICTS Advisory Committee

The ICTS Advisory Committee was created in June 2014, as a formalized governing structure approved by the ICTS Board of Directors. The committee makes appointments to subcommittees, recommend an annual budget to the ICTS Board, review and monitor financial statements and reports, create and sustain information security awareness, work with any ISAC affiliate to assist in technology implementation related to electronic clearinghouse services, and work on any objectives as directed by the ICTS Board of Directors.

ICTS Governance Structure


2020 ICTS Advisory Committee Members

Member Term End Date
Chair – Melvyn Houser 7/1/2024 AUDITOR
Sarah Berndt 7/1/2024 CSA
Sue Duhn 7/1/2023 CSA
Kathy Egbert 7/1/2024 CSA
Eric Guth 7/1/2023 IT
Dewey Hildebrandt 7/1/2021 BOS
Libby Reekers 7/1/2023 CSA
Jennifer Robbins 7/1/2022 CEO
Dawn Smith 7/1/2021 BOS
Ex-Officio – Bill Petersen ISAC Executive Director