Weapons on County Property

As you know, SF 2379, which changed the process for obtaining a nonprofessional permit to carry weapons, became effective January 1, 2011. Recently I’ve received some questions concerning the ability of counties to prohibit nonprofessional permit holders from carrying weapons on county property. I’ve encouraged counties to seek the advice of their County Attorney and the Attorney General’s Office in this process because it has the potential to become a controversial issue at the local level.

Below, you will find a recent letter from the Attorney General’s office to the Des Moines County Attorney that provides a brief summation of the law and may prove helpful to counties in addressing this matter. Also below is the Attorney General Opinion referenced in the letter and a resolution adopted by Clinton County. More information will be posted as it’s received. If any other counties have adopted a resolution and would like to provide it to ISAC so we can share it with other counties, that would be appreciated.

Attorney General Letter to Des Moines County Attorney
Attorney General Opinion (03-4-1)
Clinton County Courthouse Weapons Resolution
Wright County Weapons Ordinance

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